About Antoine Martin:

Dr Antoine Martin is an Impact advocate, writer, speaker & adviser based in Hong Kong who brings Impact Thinking and Impact Strategy into projects, teams and ..


I am:

A Frenchman and a citizen of the world.
An open mind and a challenger.
A permanent curious, with an entrepreneurial mindset.
An optimist who enjoys the energy of imaginative people.
A speaker, a writer, and an avid reader,  always interested in a good story.

My motto is simple.

Be curious, think different, think twice.
Look for the big picture until you get the details right.
Provoke, challenge, play the devil’s advocate.
Ask stupid questions.
And persevere.

My impact.

I focus on visions, value-propositions and innovative ideas.
I help researchers and entrepreneurs build Impactful Strategies.
And I give talks on Impact development because making an Impact matters!


* * *


To be impactful is the key.
I am on a mission to challenge the way people think and operate.
Because business as usual isn’t enough.

And you, where do you stand?


* * *


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