Impact & Business Strategy Talks & Workshops


This page regroups some of the topics I regularly speak about during public talks, private talks and corporate workshops.

The angles vary, but the core topics are Impact Strategy development, value proposition formulation and business strategy more generally. In each and every case the purpose is the same: challenge your ideas, models and misconceptions to reinforce your business. Are you ready to be challenged?

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Talk syllabus:

Innovation is a big thing these days. People talk and brag about it, but many questions remain as to how Innovation can take place. Innovation can be a matter of technology, obviously, but it can also relate to positioning and, of course, to business models. More importantly, however, innovative thinking ought to be a matter of making an Impact on the end-user, because the difference you make for people is the only thing that counts. Ultimately, Innovation without Impact is no Innovation, is it?

In this talk, Impact Strategist Dr Antoine Martin will discuss how Impact Thinking can get your Innovation Strategy to the next level, and will offers tips as to how you could innovate starting with what you already have. Will you dare?

— Innovation managers.
— Business leaders and entrepreneurs.
— Open minds and mission-driven participants of all horizons.

— Food for thought on how innovation strategy can affect your business.
— Ideas on how to innovate, with minimal investment.
— Tips on how Impact Thinking can move your business one step further.

Talk syllabus:
Have you ever thought about whether your business could be like if you grounded into a dose of Impact Thinking? Impact Thinking is not just a buzzword, it is a mindset which can supercharge your vision, your value proposition and your message in ways you probably never considered. By the way, do you have a cause (or passion) worth fighting for, a vision, a value proposition and a message at all?

In this talk, Impact Strategist Dr Antoine Martin will explore the ins and outs of Impact Thinking, with a view to give the participants some hints as to what alternative ideas can bring. Profit, non-profit, personal leadership, we can all benefit from developing an Impact mindset. What are you waiting for?

— Business leaders and executives.
— Visionary entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and solopreneurs.
— Curious minds and mission-driven participants of all horizons.

— Food for thought on what an Impact Thinking mindset can bring to your activity.
— Practical examples of what Impact brings to one’s narrative.
— Tips on how to build the basis of a personal Impact journey.

Talk syllabus:

Profit, non-profit, NGO, personal leadership… everything we do ultimately comes down to a matter of value proposition. But how do you build a convincing value proposition in the first place? What can you leverage? How can you differentiate your proposition from the competitors? How can you turn a basic offer into a kick-ass value proposition? Impact Thinking can make a major difference when it comes to showing your worth and to convey your message. But have you ever thought in terms of Impact at all?

In this talk, Impact Strategist Dr Antoine Martin will discuss business strategy and value proposition from an Impact angle. Impact Thinking is not only a powerful tool, it can get you to the next level. All it takes is a decision to try… Supercharging your value proposition is easy, what are you waiting for?

— Business executives and entrepreneurs.
— Innovation and commercial Heads.
— Leadership-sensitive individuals.
— Open minds and mission-driven participants of all horizons.

— Food for thought on message building and business/personal positioning.
— Ideas on what a strong value proposition can do for you.
— Tips on what makes a value proposition weak, and how Impact Thinking can bring exponential improvements.

Vision, Mission, values… Is this just BS? How to leverage business basics to make your business Impactful.

Talk syllabus:
We all hear about the importance of giving our businesses a strong vision, a mission and values, but how many of us seriously work on these? Let's face it, these are BS, aren’t they? Well, think again. With more and more competition out there, demand for a common purpose and language is increasing, and what was long considered as unnecessary stuff has become crucial. The question is, how can you make your vision, mission and values really Impactful?

In this Talk, Impact Strategist Dr Antoine Martin will discuss business basics taking Impact development as an alternative to the usual approach to doing business. Why don’t you give it a try?

— Business leaders and visionary entrepreneurs.
— Participants interested in building common grounds for message and team building.
— Curious minds and mission-driven participants of all horizons.

— Food for thought on what vision, mission and other business basics are really about.
— Insights on what you are probably missing at the moment.
— Tips on how to build a vision which rocks (and pays).

Talk syllabus:
Personal leadership development is extremely important these days. Sooner than later, we all need to rise, shine, inspire and lead. But how can we make a difference out there into the wild? Because it helps to identify and to formulate your uniqueness, Impact Thinking can help make the most of who you are by emphasizing what you fight for and why. Don't miss an opportunity to inspire people, know your Impact, and be Impactful!

This talk by Impact Strategist Dr Antoine Martin will discuss personal leadership from an Impact development perspective. Our ability to make a personal difference is key to building our public image. If you are looking for ways to build your personal leadership and branding, this session will help you get one step ahead!

— Leadership-sensitive and mission-driven individuals.
— Ambitious and innovative team leaders (and teams).
— Challenging minds and participants of all horizons.

— Food for thought on authority and leadership building.
— Insights on leadership strategy-building.
— Tips on how to leverage Impact Thinking to build personal and team leadership.

Is your business strategy Impactful? How to leverage strategic thinking 101 for better results.

Talk syllabus:
Have you noticed how people keep running all the time? There are only 24 hours in a day, hence we tend to rush in order to fit as many things as we can in our daily schedules. Yet we could be more efficient by focusing on the essential and by getting the unnecessary stuff out of the way. Think about it, what if working ON your business (vs only working INTO it) every once in a while made a difference?

During this talk, Impact Strategy Advocate Dr Antoine Martin will talk about the basics of strategy development, from goal definition to human validation, process development and implementation, and testing. There are ways to be more efficient, aren’t you interested in finding out more?

— Entrepreneurs, executives and organization-seeking people.
— Project builders and managers.
— Open minds interested in working more strategically.

— Food for thought on business strategy development.
— Insights on goal definition and process development.
— Tips on how to shift from work-intensive to Impactful routines.



How does this work?

These are some of the topics covered in our public and private talks, but discussions can be adapted to more specific needs. For instance, a talk organized with Campfire in Hong Kong led us to discuss Impactful Value Propositions for educational businesses

Please note that these talk topics may also be adapted in design thinking workshop formats – particularly suitable to solve problems or to build team spirit and cohesion around a project.

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About the speaker?

Antoine Martin (Ph.D) is an Impact advocate and strategist who believes that Impact Thinking ought to be a key element of every strategic project.

Whether the goal is to build a product, a business, an NGO, personal leadership or a very personal project, Impact Thinking helps figuring out what really matters, defining a value proposition and determining what steps need to come next.

Antoine is currently the Head of Impact Strategy at CUHK Law, where he has set the foundations of a research innovation culture based on Impact while putting into place personal leadership strategy tools, personal coaching and Design Thinking workshops for a team of 30+ researchers.

Antoine also works as a personal strategic advisor to several entrepreneurs, and regularly collaborates with Business Talents to run talks and design thinking workshops focused on Impact and value proposition development. Please get in touch for more information.