Impact & Business Strategy Talks & Workshops


This page regroups some of the topics I regularly speak about during public talks, private talks and corporate workshops.

The angles vary, but the core topics are Impact Strategy development, value proposition formulation and business strategy more generally. In each and every case the purpose is the same: challenge your ideas, models and misconceptions to reinforce your business. Are you ready to be challenged?

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How does this work?

These are some of the topics covered in our public and private talks, but discussions can be adapted to more specific needs. For instance, a talk organized with Campfire in Hong Kong led us to discuss Impactful Value Propositions for educational businesses

Please note that these talk topics may also be adapted in design thinking workshop formats – particularly suitable to solve problems or to build team spirit and cohesion around a project.

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About the speaker?

Antoine Martin (Ph.D) is an Impact advocate and strategist who believes that Impact Thinking ought to be a key element of every strategic project.

Whether the goal is to build a product, a business, an NGO, personal leadership or a very personal project, Impact Thinking helps figuring out what really matters, defining a value proposition and determining what steps need to come next.

Antoine is currently the Head of Impact Strategy at CUHK Law, where he has set the foundations of a research innovation culture based on Impact while putting into place personal leadership strategy tools, personal coaching and Design Thinking workshops for a team of 30+ researchers.

Antoine also works as a personal strategic advisor to several entrepreneurs, and regularly collaborates with Business Talents to run talks and design thinking workshops focused on Impact and value proposition development. Please get in touch for more information.