My CV? There you go.


Are you looking for my CV? Here is the big picture: after years of doing research and developing content strategies for various institutions and multinational companies, I am in charge of developing the Impact Strategy of the Law Faculty of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

I also help entrepreneurs developing Impactful business strategies and give talks on Impact development in Hong Kong.


Current Occupations.

antoine martin cuhk law impactHead of Impact Strategy | CUHK Law

Nov. 2018 to present

Responsible for creating an Impactful Research environment in Hong Kong’s #1 Law Faculty.

— Working with the Dean and Ex-co to build and propose a Faculty-wide strategy applicable to 30 researchers and research teams
— Consulting with external Change Management & business strategy experts
— Developing an Impact vocabulary and narrative
— Organizing a consultation process to identify staff expectations and create ownership from staff
— Introducing Design Thinking as a new research tool
— Introducing personal research & leadership strategy tools to help researchers plan their Impact while thinking in terms of beneficiaries and value proposition
— Introducing personal coaching as a strategy implementation & follow-up tool
— Setting a dissemination strategy (think tank, communication training, etc)
— Act as an advocate on education, innovation & Impact by giving talks in various venues, etc.



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the asia pacific circleFounder | The Asia-Pacific Circle

Jan. 2016 to present

Creating an online platform dedicated to the publication of expert insights on Asia-Pacific Business trends (insights management, network development,etc.)



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Prior to that?

Prior to that, I have worked as a researcher and analyst on financial regulation and Fintech policy (CUHK Law, 2015-2018) and as a research and content strategy consultant (Euler Hermes, 2013-2014; United Nations, 2012).



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— Design Thinking Certificate (IDEO – Acumen+, 2019)
— Entrepreneurship & Business Administration course (La Sorbonne Business School 2014)
— Ph.D in International Law & Relations (University of Surrey, 2012)
— LL.M (University of Surrey, 2009); LL.B (Paris Descartes, 2008)



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To be impactful is the key. I am on a mission to challenge the way people think and operate. Because business as usual isn’t enough.

And you, where do you stand?


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